Intel Hard drive to SSD Data Migration Software

The Intel Data Migration Software is a utility that copies your drive’s contents from your old storage device to your new Intel Solid-State Drive, with focus on making the transition smooth and painless. The migration software has been designed with user friendly features that is able to automatically detect both the old and new drives, and guide the user through a simple cloning process.


There are two limitation to the software: it works only for Intel SSD, and the SSD should have a storage space that can accommodate the data from your old drive. If the amount of data on your old storage device is greater than the capacity of your Intel SSD, the data migration will not complete.

Transferring your data using Intel Data Migration Software consists of three main steps:

  • Download and install the Intel Data Migration Software
  • Start the software and migrate your data
  • Switch the placement of your old hard disk drive with your new Intel SSD

Intel Data Migration Software is a free utility and can be downloaded from Intel’s website.

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    There will be no data loss. Download links is given on the article.

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