OpenOffice4Kids – Kids friendly Office suite

Kids start using computers early these days, and it’s not a bad idea to get them used to office applications at an early age, because kids write too. Office suites are mainly intended for adults and when a kid has to work with complex tools designed for their parents, it is less likely they are going to enjoy doing it. This is exactly what OpenOffice4Kids is for.

OOo4Kids is a restyled version of to get young children familiar with office applications. This stripped-down version of the popular open source OpenOffice suite is designed with 7 to 12 year old children in mind and provides them with a handy set of tools for homework.

OOo4Kids includes four different programs: a word processor, a drawing program, a presentation editor and a spreadsheet, but in a simpler and visually attractive form. These tools enable kids produce school papers, work with numbers, do homework and at the same time, learn more about using computers and software.

The recently announced 1.0 release is available in 13 languages, and on all major operating systems. Being open source, the full source is also available.




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