Win eBay auctions by placing bid in the last second with goSnipe

eBay auctions have a time limit. User bid their price on an item and other players try to better it by placing a higher bid. This goes on and on, usually in circles with the same players bidding multiple times, until the auction’s time limit expires. The player with the last bid wins the item. So the trick to win an auction in eBay is to place your bid in the last second. That means that you have stay glued to your computer screen till the very end and hope your Internet connection doesn’t betray you during the last few seconds.

goSnipe is a new, free service that offers a brilliant solution for eBayers. goSnipe takes the responsibility of placing bids for you automatically, and it does so in the very last few seconds of an auction. This prevents bidding wars that leads to unnecessary escalation of price, and results in more wins at lower prices, at least theoretically. (What happens if multiple players are waiting to bid at the last seconds, and all are using goSnipe?)


When you signup for goSnipe, you are given a bookmarklet to add to your bookmarks toolbar. When you want to place a bid on eBay, click on this bookmarklet and enter your highest bid – the price you wish to pay for the item. goSnipe will then monitor the item’s auction and place your bid in the last minute thereby greatly increasing your chances of winning the auction.

goSnipe also has a nice feature where you can group a number of related bids together. If one of these is won then the other pending bids are automatically canceled.

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    I prefer myibay.

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