Bring back the status bar in Firefox 4 beta

Users who just upgraded their browsers to Firefox 4 beta 7 have started to notice that the status bar is missing. Instead the status bar functionality has been moved to the address bar or location bar. Users like me who are so used to glancing at the bottom of the screen – to the status bar – to view the link destination are getting annoyed at the omission.

A petition to bring back the old Firefox status bar, or at least its functionality has now been posted at Firefox user voice website. While we wait for the Mozilla team to deliberate and decide on it, we can restore the status bar functionality to Firefox 4 beta by using the Status-4-Evar addon.


Status-4-Evar is a collection toolbar widgets and settings to provide replacements for what was previously in the status bar. After installing this add-on, enable the new Add-on bar by selecting it from the Firefox>Options menu.


The extension places the "Status Text", "Progress Meter", and "Download Status" items by default in the Add-on bar which begins to resemble the missing status bar. Additional options can be configured from the add-on’s settings.

You can also prevent the link destination from showing up in the location bar and revert other changes made to the location bar.

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