Create your own portable applications with Evalaze

evalazer-tech-preview-launch-enEarlier, we reviewed an application called Cameyo that lets you create portable versions of Windows applications by comparing system snapshot before and after installation of the program and packing all changes into a virtual environment. Essentially, every application virtualization software works this way. Today we have yet another virtualization software – Evalaze.

Evalaze packages an application with all registry entries and DLL files in a single executable file completely isolated from the operating system. By default, user data and any documents created are stored in the sandbox, which can be placed at the same location as the EXE file or at any other location. That allows you to use different applications, even different versions of the same software at the same time without conflict and without any installation on the host PC. They can also be run from portable drives such as CD or flash drives.


To create portable application you will require a clean Windows installation. The simplest way to set up a new Windows PC is to build a virtual machine using software like VMware Workstation, VMware Player, Sun Virtual Box or MS Virtual PC. You can install Windows on it and take a snapshot of the whole virtual machine in a clean state. After you finished creating an application sandbox, you can switch back to this snapshot and reset the machine in a clean state which is then ready for another virtualization.


  • Application runs completely in a sandbox. Therefore it is possible to separate the application from the operating system and other applications.
  • Evalazer has a helpful wizard, which guides you through every step of the solution.
  • Application virtualization across all platforms for Windows 2000, XP and Windows 7
  • Supports 32bit applications on 64bit systems
  • Use your legacy 16bit applications on your 32bit systems!
  • The virtual application runs in user-mode. Therefore you do not need administrative rights, drivers, an installed client or a server.
  • Every virtualized application runs in an own environment. When other parts of the application are started they all run in the same virtual environment.
  • You can customize the start screen to your needs.
  • Evalaze is free.
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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Any suggestion of taking a snapshot of a virtual a whole machine, please?!
    Awaiting for an answer.

  2. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    What kind of suggestion? Take a snaphot right after you've installed Windows and required runtime environment such as .Net or java. Snaphots are like restoration point. It will return the virtual machine state to as it was when the snapshot was taken.

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