Google’s guide to the Internet and browsers

Two years ago when Google released Chrome, the company created a comic to introduce the new browser to the world. Now the Google Chrome team has prepared a beautifully done HTML5 guidebook – 20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web – that teaches people in simple terms how the Internet, the browser and the technologies that drive the massive World Wide Web works. Some of these things the book addresses are cloud computing, HTML5, JavaScript, privacy, malware, phishing, IP addresses etc, which are explained using beautifully drawn illustration real-life analogies.


We built “20 Things” in HTML5 so that we could incorporate features that hearken back to what we love about books—feeling the heft of a book’s cover, flipping a page or even reading under the covers with a flashlight. In fact, once you’ve loaded “20 Things” in the browser, you can disconnect your laptop and continue reading, since this guidebook works offline.

Since the book is created in HTML5, you will require a modern browser to read it.

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