LicenseCrawler retrieves lost software license keys from the Registry

If you ever have to reinstall Windows and the software you purchased, you will need the serial numbers for those applications when you install them. If you lose the license key, you cannot install them. Losing the key is essentially losing the product and the rights to install them. So what if you have actually lost them? There is one way to recover – grab them from the registry.

LicenseCrawler is a portable and free product key finder that will scan your Windows Registry to find Serial Numbers, License Numbers, and Product Keys for various registered software installed on your machine. LicenseCrawler could be used to recover Windows product key and serial numbers for installed software like MS Office, Nero, VMWare and any software that saves this information in the registry.


LicenseCrawler is less than 100 KB in size and performs a fast scan of the registry. The results can then be saved in a simple text file for later reference. The added advantage is that all your serial keys are now saved in a single file.

By default, the program scans only the LOCAL_MACHINE registry hive but you can scan any other hive of the registry. There is even an option to scan the registry of remote computers by IP address.

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