Mozilla Labs F1 makes sharing links easy on Firefox

Rows of social media share button making a mess of the page are a common sight on blogs and websites. To tackle this problem Mozilla Labs has just announced a new extension called F1 that aims to make sharing content on social networking sites much easier.

F1 adds a button to the browser’s toolbar that gives users the ability to share links on Twitter, Facebook and Gmail. These three services were chosen based on their popularity and OAuth implementation. Support for more services should be on the way.


With one click of the F1 button (not the F1 key on the keyboard) it automatically shortens URLs using and then inserts the shortened URL into your tweet, making the whole process seamless. On Facebook, F1 posts the URL, complete with screenshot and description right to your Facebook wall. On Gmail, F1 automatically inserts the URL into the body of your email. Simply type in your recipient’s Email addresses and hit share.

Among the various share buttons from Twitter, Facebook and third party services like AddThis and ShareThis, F1 wins for simplicity and effectiveness. The lack of support for most of the social media should be quickly fixed, as the extension is open source.

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