Rename tabs in Google Chrome

Sometimes when you are at work, which means you should be working, but you are playing some Flash game or visiting sites you aren’t supposed to, and then a colleague, or worse, your boss walks past your cubicle. If you use Firefox, there are several addons to lets you hide your browsing tracks and session. Google Chrome doesn’t have that many options, but one that helps is Tab Renamer.

This extension allows you to quickly change the title of a tab and thereby disguise it into something else.


Tab Renamer offers you two different ways to rename a tab – a Quick Change option, where you choose from a preset of fake titles or set your own title and favicon in advance, or rename each tab as and when you need it to.

If you choose the Quick Change option, a single click on the Tab Renamer icon in the toolbar will change the title of the active tab to the defined preset. If you disable the Quick Change option, then you have to type a title each time you want to rename a tab.

The Quick Change option is fast and allows you to quickly hide a tab – useful when you need to act fast. The other option is slow but lets you customize the name of each tab differently. If you choose this option you have set up your tabs before you have your boss walking into you.

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