Surprise! IE9 is the most HTML5 compliant browser

The Worldwide Web Consortium has released the results of its first HTML5 conformance tests, and according to the initial round, the browser that most closely adheres to the latest set of web standards is <enter dramatic pause> Internet Explorer 9. My first reaction when I read this over at The Register was: ‘How Did This Happen?’.

The W3C tests did a side-by-side comparison of Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome 7, Firefox 4 beta 6, Opera 10.6, and Safari 5.0. IE9 beta release 6 came out at the top of the HTML5 conformance table, followed by Google Chrome 7, the Firefox 4 beta 6, Opera 10.6, and Safari 5.0.


The tests cover seven aspects of the spec: "attributes", "audio", "video", "canvas", "getElementsByClassName", "foreigncontent," and "xhtml5". Other aspects, including web workers, the file API and local storage were not tested in this round.

After years of lagging behind in the browser race, it looks like the Redmond company has successfully closed the gap with IE9.

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