AppJump: Google Chrome Apps Launcher and Organizer

The Google Chrome Store is attracting millions of users since the store opened a few days ago. You probably have visited too and installed handful of new apps to try out, and soon discovered that your new tab page is now home to dozens of apps. If you would like an alternative way to launch and manage installed Chrome Apps without making the new tab page a mess, check out AppJump.


It is a Chrome extension that allows you to view and access Apps from a handy drop down panel on the toolbar. AppJump also allows you to create groups which should come handy if you have a few dozen Apps installed. Aside from managing Apps, the extension provides a full page view of all installed Apps as well as extension from where you can launch apps and disable or uninstall extension.

What is missing? Drag and drop which would have further enhanced organizing is missing from this extension. You cannot re-order the way in which the Apps are displayed. Also missing is the ability to search Apps and extension.

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