Automatically Change Desktop Wallpaper by Weather

Weather Desktop Background Changer is a very original and innovative weather program that rotates wallpaper on the desktop according to the changing weather.

The program is straightforward – simply type your location and press Enter. Optionally, you can choose the metric (Celsius/Fahrenheit) and update interval. The program can be minimized to the system tray from where it does the work.


A total of 31 different weather conditions are available each of which can be associated with a different wallpaper. The default wallpaper for each weather type is a simple block of text pronouncing the weather condition, over a black background. The program author expects the user will customize these wallpapers to reflect different weather patterns. For example, you can have a wallpaper of a snowy scene for cold weather, a picture of rain for rainy days and so on.

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Weather Desktop Background Changer is based on WeatherBar – another nifty weather program that places weather report icons on the taskbar – which uses the Google Weather API to pull weather data from the Internet.

Weather Desktop Background Changer is a freeware and works on Windows 7 only.

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