Easily Download Flash Games to your PC with File2HD

Downloading embedded flash games to your computer so that they can be played offline is an easy process and can be accomplished in a number of different ways. One way is to look into the page’s source code and get the direct link to the game file, which is usually an SWF file, and download the file from the file server. Another way is to let the game load in your browser and then get the file from the browser’s temporary cache. Yet another way to download a flash game is through an online tool File2HD.

File2HD allows you to download flash games from almost any online gaming sites – Kongregate, Mini Clip, Armor Games, just to name a few.


Just go to the page where the flash game you want to download is and copy the URL from the address bar. Paste the copied URL into File2HD, and set filter to Objects. Upon clicking the ‘Get Files’ button File2HD should list the direct link to all SWF objects found on the page. One of them points to the game file.

It should be easy to identify the URL of the game file. Or simply open the links one by one to verify. Finally, right-click on the link and save the game to your PC. You can now play the game offline by loading the SWF file into your browser.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    i cant download the greeting Ive got from a friend? can anyone help me?

  2. Ashraful Sumon Reply

    thanks for the post, its really working…

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