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How to Get Back The Old Facebook Profile Page

Recently Facebook introduced a new layout for the profile page with some changes. The new page highlights important information about you and prominently displays your friends. While making the switch to the new layout the user is told that the change is permanent and that they will not be able to return back to the old layout. This is not entirely true.

Revert Back to the Old Facebook Layout

Update: The following trick doesn't work anymore. Facebook is in the process of transferring all users to the new profile, whether you like it or not. So why not take advantage of the new layout with these Facebook profile hacks?

In order to get back the old profile page layout you have to deactivate your Facebook account – temporarily. This is absolutely safe, for you can reactivate your account the very next minute – provided you choose the right option when deactivating your account. All your friends, information about you, your wall posts, your application and everything else will remain intact. The only thing that will change when you reactive your account is the profile page layout, which will revert back to the old design. If you have created and published any Facebook pages, those will get disabled. You just have to republish them again.

Login to your Facebook account and go to the settings page. At the bottom of the page is an option – “Deactivate your account”. Click on the deactivate link.


In the next page you will be asked a reason for leaving. Choose “This is temporary. I’ll be back”.


You will be asked for your password and be given a captcha to solve. Once you have entered those correctly, your account will be deactivated.

Head back to Facebook’s homepage and login to your account. Ta-da! the old layout is back.


  1. Dear Writer: Did you try this yourself? Cuz it's not working!!!

  2. i tried it it worked, but after a minute it goes back to new.. aww... i hate the new layout of fb!! i want the old back!

  3. Yes, I tried it on my account and it works. I don't know why it's not working on yours. Maybe you should try waiting for about 10-15 minutes before re-enabling your account.

    And my page has not gone back to the new layout. The change to the old layout is permanent, at least for now.

    One more change I noticed is that published pages, if you have any, gets disabled. If you to re-publish them.

  4. i tried! yeah! it's works obviously! tq ya! for others... try to deactivate again ya!!


  6. It does work! But then when I go back on it goes back to the new layout after awhile.

  7. I am gonna try it right now.

  8. it doesn't work :( i've tried a few thousand times...

  9. i think it used to work, but facebook created a patch that disabled this.

  10. i think it used to work, but facebook created a patch that disabled this.

    That is possible.

  11. stupid facebook. people should be able to customize their pages entirely - with html and css. and have options to use every and each layout facebook has had since its creation.
    This is like trying to force everyone to wear the same size of jeans :D

  12. I guess we are stuck with this new profile - you might as well improve it a little bit using this facebook application that will use the top 5 pictures on your wall to state something or give a panoramic view to your profile

  13. yeah, this new profile is really awkward...

  14. I think facebook should place an option so that whoever wants to change the profile can change to the desired one...


  16. I hate new facebook layout :(
    it dpesn't work :(

  17. i so don't like the new facebook profile either..i want the old one back!!!!

  18. This doesn't work..

  19. simplemente no funciona


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