Applications To Stylize Facebook’s New Profile Page Layout

facebook-layout-thumb Despite the strong outrage from a significant section of users against the new Facebook profile page, the company is making the new layout compulsory and will be rolling it out to all users in coming days. If you hate the new layout you can continue voicing your opinion at the dozen or so “hate” groups over at Facebook, but soon you will have to reconcile with the new layout. The best you can do is to take advantage of the changes to spice up your profile page.

French artist Alexandre Oudin is believed to be one of the first Facebook users to take advantage of Facebook’s new profile page photo layout after it was launched in December.


Soon others followed suit.





If you want to achieve a similar look, here is how to do it.

Method 1: Using Photoshop

Download this PSD template and open it in Photoshop. Import your image (700 x 500 pixels) as a new layer and resize your photo or adjust its position to get the desired configuration. Then select "File" and "Save for Web". Your photos will be cut out in sections and saved in the appropriate format in a folder on your hard disk.


Now upload the images on Facebook, and set the largest image (200 x 500 pixels) as your profile picture. Then select the thumbnail images (100 x 68 pixels) and tag them from right to left with your name. [via Chip]

Method 2: Using Facebook Apps

The average Facebook user might find working with Photoshop and templates time-consuming, tedious and even scary. To help these simple minded folks, a staggering number of Facebook apps have crept up. All work on the same principle – upload a photo, move the photo inside a frame, zoom in and out if required. Once done, the app cuts the photo appropriately and uploads it to your Facebook account, and sets it as your profile picture.


Here are some that I have been able to collect. If I have missed any, do let me know and I will add it to the collection.

  1. Profile – Maker
  2. Profile Pane
  3. Profile PhotosBar
  4. Your New Profile
  6. Schweppes
  7. Profile-Banner
  8. FB Photo Magic
  9. Oudinizer
  10. Pic Scatter

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