Tab Vault is a Read-It-Later Extension for Opera

Read-it-later, as it is commonly called, is when you bookmark pages you want to read later, but instead of actually bookmarking them and cluttering your bookmarks with “read-once” pages you sent them to a different location which is set apart from the browser’s bookmarking system. Such a feature is usually not present in any browser. It is implemented using browser extensions.

Tab Vault incorporates this feature in Opera. The extension creates a place where you can store the tabs you want to get to later without leaving them loaded and on your tab bar. To save a tab to Tab Vault, click the extension button to open a side panel where you can store the current tab or open previously saved tabs.


Tab Vault features:

  • Reorder the list of tabs with drag and drop
  • Click a saved tab to open it in a new tab, or drag it onto the page to open it in the current tab
  • Removed tabs are sent to Tab Vault’s trash, so you can’t accidentally delete them
  • Export the list of saved tabs as an Opera session for safekeeping
  • Import tabs from an Opera session to the vault
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  1. Anonymous Reply

    I do not use many extensions but this one is essential

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