YouTube Adds ‘Watch It Later’ Feature

YouTube’s embedded player has received a new feature that lets you add videos to a special queue for later viewing. When you come across an interesting video embedded on some page that you want to watch but don’t have time to watch it then, click on the ‘Watch Later’ link that appears on the video. Later, just go to and all the videos you have marked for watching later will be waiting for you on the homepage.


You have to be logged into YouTube for this to work. Also, the ‘Watch Later’ link appears only on those videos that are embedded using the new iframe-based code. But since most of us use the default object-based code when embedding YouTube videos, the majority of embedded videos you will find on the Internet won’t show this feature, which is a shame.

While the watch later feature will surely be appreciated by many who do not use ‘Read it Later’ kind of extensions on their browser, but the only way to remove a video from the queue is to actually watch it.

[via Google Operating System]

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