YouTube Video Previews in Chrome

YouTube Thumbs is an extension for Chrome that displays preview of a YouTube video when you hover the mouse pointer over it. The extension grabs thumbnails of the video at different play times – thumbnails that YouTube automatically generates for each uploaded video – then cycles the thumbnails over and over again with a small delay between each thumbnail image, creating an animated preview of the video. This is how it looks like.


Pretty slick, isn’t it?

If you are wondering how to get those thumbnails, here is how.

  1. Get the video ID of a YouTube video


  2. Copy the URL below and paste it in your browser’s address bar

  3. Replace VIDEO_ID with the video id you got in the first step. Replace # with a number (1,2,3 …)

Here is the first thumbnail (


the second thumbnail (


the third thumbnail (


And what happens when you put in ‘0’? You get a bigger thumbnail.


Ain’t that nice?

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