Debatepedia, The Wikipedia of Debates

Preparing for a debate at school? Head over to Debatepedia. It is a wiki encyclopedia of debates, arguments, and supporting quotations presented in an easy to read table structure. It is essentially "the Wikipedia of pros and cons," centralizing scattered arguments from editorials, and books into comprehensive pro/con articles. This dramatically enhances decision-making allowing readers to read both sides of the argument and make informed decision and opinion.

debatepedia scours across the web, newspapers, magazines, journals, and books for arguments, evidence, and quotes on issues we are, or at least, should be concerned about, and weighs them against each other. Debatepedia’s individual articles make it as easy as possible for citizens to view all of the pros and cons in a public debate, "weigh" them side-by-side in a simple split-screen structure, and draw conclusions.


In true wiki style, Debatepedia can be edited and supplemented with new information and articles by any user who wished to do so. has already produced several thousand such articles – Net neutrality, Abortion, Getting an MBA, Israeli blockade of Gaza, Compulsory voting, Ground zero mosque, Airport security and hundreds of other issues.

Debatepedia is an excellent place for students and socially and politically aware citizens to research and stay informed.

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