Gmail Desktop Notifications in Chrome

If you use Chrome as your browser, you can now receive notification about new emails and chat messages right on your desktop. You don’t have to use a separate notifier. This is awesome because not only you have to run one program less, the Chrome integrated desktop notifier also notifies you about new chat messages which other desktop notifiers doesn’t, and browsers other than Chrome totally miss them if the Gmail window is not in focus.


To turn them on, click on the Settings link in the top right corner of Gmail and scroll down to the “Desktop Notifications” section. If you just want to get notified about chat messages, or if you use Priority Inbox and only want to get notifications for important messages, you can customize your settings from there too.


Right now the notifications are available for only Chrome users, but Google says they’re working on to make the notification part of the standard Web platform so that they work on other browsers as well.

[via Gmail Blog]

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    doesn't seem to work yet… hello google…

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