Google Analytics Desktop Software: Polaris and TrakkBoard

Tired of logging in and out of Google Analytics from the browser every day? Try these two free desktop software.



Polaris is a free Adobe AIR application that brings Google Analytics to your desktop within an attractive interface. Polaris brings you 8 standard reports that webmasters refer to frequently:

  1. The dashboard which gives you nice overview of total visits, pageviews and other useful metrics
  2. Visits Overview graph that appears on the top of each page when you login into Google Analytics from the browser
  3. May Overview
  4. Traffic Sources
  5. Referring Sites (the top 20 referring sites)
  6. Top Contents (the top 20 contents)
  7. Keywords (the top 20 keywords)
  8. Goal Values

You can change the date range of the data up to a year back.

Polaris is very basic but is immensely useful for day to day use. Polaris is also pretty fast and responsive compared to web based reports.

Previously, Polaris was a commercial software that had cost $15/year. Now it has been made free.


TrakkBoard is another desktop client for Google Analytics which is also based on Adobe AIR. TrakkBoard enables users to compare and evaluate data from different Google Analytics accounts, or different data from the same Analytics account.


The central element of TrakkBoard is the dashboard which can be customized to display different types of data. The user adds widgets each one of which display different reports or metrics. For example, you may add a widget for total pageviews, one for top contents, one for keywords etc. The widgets can be dragged and arranged on the dashboard in any way you prefer. With just one click, you can switch between the display formats, change time spans or rearrange data etc.


You can add widgets that track metrics from different websites and thus compare them with one another, something which is not possible when accessing Google Analytics from your browser.

You can also create as many dashboards as you want, by means of tabs, and you can arrange the data individually.

Both TrakkBoard and Polaris are excellent for keeping track of your website metrics the easy way, and both being based on Adobe AIR is platform independent. Give them a try.

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