Google Goggles Reads Bar Codes, QR Codes and Solves Sudoku

Google Goggles, the image recognition application for mobile devices, has received an update. The new version of Google Goggles is not only faster but smarter than ever before. The new Goggles 1.3 client for Android can scan barcodes and read QR codes, and recognize print ads in popular magazines and newspapers. And hey, it can also help you solve Sudoku puzzles.

When shopping offline, you can snap pictures of barcodes and QR codes with your Android phone’s camera and have your phone’s browser instantly direct you to the product’s online store, read product reviews, compare prices etc. When you come across print ads in magazines and newspapers, you can take picture of the ad with Goggles and it will recognize the print ad and return web search results about the product or brand. This new feature of Goggles is enabled for print ads appearing in major U.S. magazines and newspapers from August 2010 onwards.


Goggles on Android and iPhone can also recognize Sudoku puzzles and provide answers if you ever get stuck. Check out this video to see how it works.

Google Goggles 1.3 with improved barcode scanning is available for download in Android Market. Recognition of print ads and Sudoku solver is now enabled for the Google Goggles app on Android, as well as the Goggles component of the Google Mobile App on iPhone.

[via Official Google Blog]

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  1. Unknown Reply

    Android 1.6+ required. This app is not currently available on the Motorola i1 (which has Android 1.5).

  2. Hannah Hurst Reply

    This is absolutely amazing! I don't think my partner will be too impressed with the fact I could take a picture of a barcode and have my phone direct me to the product’s online store but he doesn't need to know 🙂

    I'm not so sure I will find as much use for the sudoku puzzle help but I guess it could be my claim to great intelligence for people who haven't heard of it 🙂

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