Google Launches Free Adwords Training Program For US, UK Webmasters

Google Adwords is a touch nut to crack when it comes to getting low bids and ensuring a good position at the same time. Then there are keywords to target, the actual ad and landing page to consider. New entrants to the Adwords program has to typically shell out a good amount of cash before they can get their parameters right.


To help small businesses and freelancers get started with Adwords, Google is starting a free online training called Google Engage especially for US and UK-based webmasters. The Google Engage program will consist of online webinars where they hope to impart knowledge on how to deliver the best online advertising possible, with practical examples and strategic advice. Participants will also receive free AdWords coupons to help them get started without risk.

As usual, Google has posted a cute video to introduce users with the new program.

If you’re a webmaster, web-designer, digital agency, freelancer, SEO, IT consultant, or provide any other web services to US or UK-based small businesses, you can apply to join the program.

Google Engage for US Businesses
Google Engage for UK Businesses

Although entrance to the program is free, Google doesn’t guarantee acceptance into the program. “Our selection criteria includes size and type of business, suitability of your customers, and brand fit”, says the Google Engage for Agencies FAQ. 

For established search engine marketing firm, media agency or digital agency with a strong foundation in Google media solutions, Google is also offering Certification Program in Adwords.

[via AdWords Agency Blog]

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