How to Download Nokia Ovi Store Applications to Computer

Just like the Android marketplace and the Windows Mobile marketplace, Nokia too has an apps store for users of Nokia devices – Nokia Ovi Store. The Ovi Store has a large number of Symbian applications and a significant number of them are free. But the annoying part is that you can’t download apps from the store to your computer or PC and later transfer to your cell phone. Users who do not have an active Internet connection, are hence unable to use the store. This article will show you how you can download apps from the Nokia Ovi Store using a common browser to your computer.

  1. Login to your Nokia Ovi Store account. If you don’t have one, then register an account.
  2. Select your mobile phone from the link at the top of the page.
  3. Choose the application you want to download. Right-click on the “Send to Friend” button and copy the linked address.


  4. Paste the URL in your browser’s address bar and replace send-to-friend at the end of the URL with download.


  5. Press Enter to download and save the file.

If the downloaded file has extensions *.jar, *.sis, or *.sisx, you can transfer the file to your mobile and start using the application. Themes have the extension *.nth and are also ready to install.

If the downloaded file has extensions *.jad, *, or *, open the file using a text editor and follow the instructions below based on the extension of the file.

Java Application Descriptor (*.jad)

  1. Locate the text ‘MIDlet-Jar-URL:’ and copy the URL next to it.


  2. Paste this URL in your browser and you will get the JAR file.

Symbian Installation Files (* or *

  1. Delete the first 3 lines of the file including the empty 4th line (as indicated by the yellow highlight)


  2. Save the file but remove .dm from the file extension, so that it reads *.sis or *.sisx only
  3. Now copy that file to your phone, and run it to install the app.


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  1. Anonymous Reply

    +1000 like!

    Helped a lot, thanks! 😀

    Anyways, instead of copying the location you could just add in the end of the url /download to download the file.


    change it to

  2. Ajay Reply

    the tip works great.but the app is not installing onto my says file corrupted, after i deleted the first 3 lines and saved with .sis.

  3. Noble Reply

    thank you
    It helped to install apps quickly

  4. Anonymous Reply

    thnxx very much it worked perfectly!

  5. Anonymous Reply

    yeah,it says file corrupt after removing first 4 lines,including 4th last which is empty n save with only *.sis

  6. Peter J. de Bruin Reply

    To avoid file getting corrupt, do not use NotePad but use a binary save editor like Textplorer from

  7. Peter J. de Bruin Reply

    Correction, using Textplorer does not help.
    There is also a last line which has to be removed, but I'm still getting file corrupt, alas.

  8. Anonymous Reply

    This is a fantastic tip! It was very useful to me.
    For some reason, notepad could not open the files (notepad stops responding)

    I use notepad++ for all such needs. It opens perfectly in notepad++ and I don't get my file corrupted.

  9. Anonymous Reply


  10. Anonymous Reply

    does anyone know how to get rid of the inneractive ads in the apps. I saw Notepad++ here and thought maybe it was possible, does anyone know?

  11. Anonymous Reply

    Send to Friend option isn't there anymore. Any wiorkaround?

  12. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Just add 'download' after the numbers in the URL.

  13. pama Reply

    thx man

  14. Anonymous Reply

    Iam downloading PAD File … now what can i do?? plzz any1 tell me

  15. Anonymous Reply

    Using notepad++
    which lines should I delete.

    cuz its giving some error at installation.
    "Application does not have permission to complete task, please contact application provider"

  16. Anonymous Reply

    i am able to download it on my computer but when i transfer it in my mobile and try to open it …it says invalid file…help plz

  17. Anonymous Reply


  18. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Use a text editor like Notepad++

  19. shaik Reply

    realllllllly marvlessssssssssss

  20. philip Reply

    thanx guys very appreciative

  21. Anonymous Reply

    cant find send to friend option????

  22. Anonymous Reply

    just save as and remove .dm? save as .txt?

  23. Anonymous Reply

    how 2 instal ovi store in nokia n70how 2 instal ovi store in nokia n70

  24. Anonymous Reply

    there is only "send to phone option"..!!!!I cant find send to friend option..??!!what should i do to download apps??

  25. Anonymous Reply

    there is no send to friend option …

  26. Anonymous Reply

    how to update antivirus software in our mobile by connecting it to our computer that is having internet connection……..???

  27. Anonymous Reply

    for *.dm file, don't forget to delete last line like this:

    if not, sis file will not working

  28. Anonymous Reply

    i have downloaded jar file but at the time of installation it says JAD and JAR files do not match….
    please help…

  29. jasoriya Reply

    yar mere ma to send to friend ka option hi nahi ataa plz help yar…

  30. Anonymous Reply

    i have tried all but still it is not working … Can anybody send me the installers of working files via email ….plz thanx (sahil.edge[at]

  31. Anonymous Reply

    Thanx Admin….

    ## If there is no mentioned option(send to friend), u can try these steps:

    1. right click on desired apps icon
    2. copy link location…
    now do same steps as mntn above

  32. Anonymous Reply

    how to download ovi store

  33. Anonymous Reply

    how can i register my mobile apps with nokia ovi store..? plz help

  34. Anonymous Reply

    how to download .dm file , i can't found it ?

  35. Anonymous Reply

    you guys are osum..thanx a lot. woohooo 😀

  36. Anonymous Reply

    In .Jar file..Plz Help

  37. sir gerald Reply

    its no longer working….what do i do

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