If It Were My Home Tells You How Life Would Be Like In Another Country

If It Were My Home is a new website that lets you see in what ways your life might be different if you lived in another country. Essentially, it’s a tool that lets you compare between two countries different aspects such as standards of living, cost of living, life expectancy and so on. The website does a quick comparison of different statistics of the two countries you choose and then tells how different your life would have been.


Apart from stats comparison, the website will also compare geographical size of both countries by overlapping the map of the countries over each other. This reminds me of BBC Dimension, which we covered in the past, that lets you compare sizes of important places, historical monuments, events and other things with your neighborhood.

If It Were My Home does not present the true picture of life in another country since there are lots of other factors in the equation that the site ignores. Cultural differences, for instance. The website can be called superficial at best, and entirely misleading at worst. Nonetheless, it’s a good tool for stats junkies.

[via Hacker News]

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