Internet Explorer 9 RC Will Allow Moving of Tabs Below Address Bar

Microsoft is toying with a few changes to the user interface of Internet Explorer 9 RC. A new video that has been spotted in the wild shows that it might be possible to re-position the tabs below the address bar. Previous versions of IE9, including the current public beta, places tabs to the right side of the address bar with no option to change it otherwise. The internal builds that Microsoft is testing includes this capability and Microsoft is expected to build this into the Release Candidate.

Users can turn the functionality on by selecting “show tabs below address bar” after right clicking in the tab area of Internet Explorer 9 (see video below). The option will address possibly one of the biggest complaint from the public beta.

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  1. jdege Reply

    I see Microsoft has listened to its users, and solved the wrong problem.

    People didn't want their tabs below the address bar, they wanted their tabs immediately above their content. If they have toolbars visible, the tabs should be _below_ the toolbars – and Microsoft's "fix" doesn't.

    Toolbars aren't part of the page content, and shouldn't be displayed as if they were.

    And then there's the menus – they aren't. They are, instead, just another toolbar. And can be displayed only within the toolbar area – below the address bar.

    Menus should be displayed at the top of the window – above the address bar. And given their current implementation, there's no way to make that happen.

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