Microsoft Treats Windows Phone 7 Jailbreakers With T-Shirts

If you are jaibreaking an iPhone or a PS3 you might get bullied by Sony and Apple with lawsuits, but it seems that Windows Phone 7 jailbreakers are in for much sweeter deal. The ChevronWP7 team responsible for bringing us the first jailbreak of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 were invited to meet the Windows Phone 7 developers team at Microsoft to have a frank discussion on the future and security of Windows Phone 7.


The ChevronWP7 guys met the WP7 developer experience director Brandon Watson and the rest of the team members early this week and discussed how to make the Marketplace more secure as well as on the future of Homebrew. The ChevronWP7 team had withdrawn their free Windows phone 7 developer unlock tool at the request of Microsoft in preparation for the meeting, but the software is already out of their control, and is at present still being widely used on XDA-Developers.

No details about the outcome of the meeting were given, but at least the team received t-shirts for their troubles.

Meanwhile, Geohot, the famous iPhone hacker, reacted to Microsoft’s more humane treatment of jailbreakers by threating to buy a Windows Phone 7, to which Microsoft extended a warm welcome and offered him a free handset.


Way to go Microsoft!

[via Engadget, WMPoweruser]

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    don't start ruining this site and posting stupid stuff…like Tinkernut. rofl

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    Doesn't Microsoft own Sony? Great site!

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    cool approach by Microsoft. screw Sony , i hate Flanders

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