Periodic Table of Google APIs and Products

I know Google has an astonishing number of products but I wasn’t sure exactly how many until I stumbled upon this table. Arranged in an all familiar and over used layout of the Periodic Table of Elements, this particular table offers a quick glance to all Google products and APIs available for developers in one place.


Products are grouped by categories such as mobile, search, gadget, social, etc. and color coded for convenience. Clicking on a product opens a small window with a description and video of the product and links to more information.

Those who prefer the old fashion directory and list, there is already a page for that.

The proliferation of periodic tables of every conceivable product is surely getting out of hand.

[via WebResourcesDepot]

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    been a long time reader,finally grew some balls to say a line here.Your Writing skills are damn good Kaushik.Do you live in India or USA?btw,i am an indian 🙂

    Please keep posting articles for eternity :)i love them

  2. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Nah, I write mediocre. Thanks anyway.
    And I live in India.

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