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Save On Printer Ink With PretonSaver Home. Free License Keys

PretonSaver Home is an easy-to-use application that will optimizes printer ink and toner consumption without compromising on quality. The program achieves this by identifying and deleting pixels that are not necessary to maintain a good quality level of printing, thus dramatically reducing toner and ink usage. Preton claims that their software can save as much as 70% on your printing costs.


You run the program and tell it how much saving you want to make - anywhere from 0% to 70%. After that, just print your pages and the program does the saving for you. You'll have to balance between savings and print quality. The sweet spot is at 35% where you get the best savings-quality tradeoff. For images the developers recommend setting the slider at around 10%. For things like school projects, 50% should work fine. For printing web pages, emails and draft documents, move the slider all the way up to 70%.

You can also fine-tune the settings to use different quality factors for text, graphics and images. With PretonSaver Home you can easily define saving levels for specific print jobs, applications, or elements (e.g. text, graphics, or images). You can also automatically omit graphics or images for specific documents, in order to save ink.

PretonSaver Home has a price tag of $39.99, but for a limited time Preton Ltd is giving away free license keys for 1 year. Visit the promotional page and click on the “Get a FREE License!” button. Fill the form that opens and submit. The license key will be sent to your email inbox.


  1. This is absolutely great! I only wish I knew this when I was at university the amount of ink I used to get through! Thanks for sharing.

  2. We need a license key that is forever not just 1 year. That doesn't help anyone.

  3. Interesting concept, and one with merit for sure, though the problem for me is that I have my inkjet printer connected to my home media server, with about 3 PC's running off that. The only way this program could offer me anything would be to install it on all of my PCs, rather than one central install onto the server.

  4. Very useful. Though I've found another one,, which seems to have better 30% reduction setting quality, so I'll use that.

    the sweet spot is not 35%, with either programs. (after testing both theirprintout shetets). it's really 20%, but 30% is still excellent with inksaver, bit noticeable on images but graphics and text it's virtually the same. with preton, 35% (at least) is too visibly different.


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