Tweak Gmail Interface in Chrome with Minimalist Gmail

Minimalist Gmail is an extension for Chrome that allows you to personalize your Gmail inbox by hiding items, adding row highlights, removing buttons, advertisements, and changing the default links that appear at the top of the page, among other things. The Minimalist Gmail Chrome extension gives you control over 40+ individual elements of the Gmail interface, from the bar at the top of the page to the footer and everything in between.


After the extension is installed, the main configuration page will pop open, allowing you to start customizing the Gmail interface. Customization is mainly deciding which elements to show and which to hid. These may be buttons, links on the sidebar, links at the top and bottom, the invite box, and so on. You can also add custom links at the top of the page and make Gmail show unread messages count in the tabs.

The configuration page explains each setting with a mouse-over image tooltip that allows you to see how the change affects the interface.

Although, Gmail’s interface by far one of the most cleanest and distraction free UI around (try comparing it with, Yahoo and Live Mail, for instance), there are obviously people who nitpick on little things, like a link here and a button there. So if are one of those who are annoyed at Gmail’s interface, then Minimalist Gmail is perfect for you.

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