Create PDF or Convert PDF to Word in Facebook Inc. has created a set of one of a kind Facebook apps that allow people to convert Word, PowerPoint and Excel files into PDF and also convert PDF to Word document, right from within Facebook.

Like any regular Facebook app, the PDF Creator and PDF Converter apps for Facebook needs to be installed and allowed to access your account. Once given the permission, you can click on the application link from your Facebook page and upload documents you want to convert. After a short delay the converted file is ready for download.


The PDF Creator accepts DOC, PPT and XLS files and converts them to to PDF, while the PDF Converter allows you to upload a PDF file and get the converted DOC file.

The files uploaded for conversion are retained in the server for 24 hours after being uploaded after which they are automatically deleted.

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    I use a software for creating PDF documents because this is the way if you want to get professionally-looking results. Smart PDF Creator does this in a couple of clicks.

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