Google Launches Recipe Search Engine

Google has added a new section to their search engine dedicated to finding recipes. It can be found by expanding the left sidebar on Google search results page by clicking on the “More” button. The Recipe View lets you narrow your search results to show only recipes, and helps you choose the right recipe amongst the search results by showing clearly marked ratings, ingredients and pictures.

Searching for a recipe shows constituting ingredients which lets you further narrow down your search by selecting available ingredients. You can also filter recipes by cooking time – less than 15 min, less than 30 min etc. and calorie count for the health conscious. And if Google fails to bring you the recipe you are looking for, you still got a whole lot of dedicated recipe search engines to try out.


Although this might seem like a relatively small niche area to be diving into, but Google claims that it receives about 10 million recipe searches a day, or about one percent of Google’s entire daily search volume. Apparently, this is enough to give the topic some attention and development.

Webmasters who own recipe based websites can add the rich snippets markup to their pages, so that their content can appear with this improved presentation in regular Google results as well as in Recipe View.

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