Khan Academy Educational Videos App on BitTorrent

The Khan Academy is a free online education resource containing exceptionally high quality videos on a wide range of topics – from physics to algebra to history. In recent times, along with hundreds and thousands of free courses available from MIT and other universities, this renowned not-for-profit organization has turned into a powerhouse in the online education space.

The Khan Academy has now joined hands with BitTorrent to bring over 2000 educational videos to the BitTorrent community though the BitTorrent App Studio launched not too long ago. The free app is available in the BitTorrent App Studio, located in both the BitTorrent and µTorrent clients. Once installed, you may directly access and share free downloads of any of the Khan Academy video lessons.


“The Khan Academy exemplifies the type of content creators for whom we built the App Studio – independent artists looking to build relationships with our global community of over 100 million users,” says the BitTorrent blog. “With the Khan Academy, we have the added bonus of helping to promote a worthy cause through technology innovation.”

The videos on Khan Academy are also available for download from the website. The teaming up with BitTorrent makes it but easier and more efficient to spread the educational videos.

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