Microsoft Offers 750 Free Hours of Windows Azure

Microsoft has upgraded the trial pack for Windows Azure Platform. It now offers a whooping 750 free hours on an Extra Small Compute Instance – a new introductory special, apart from the regular 25 free hours on a Small Compute Instance. This extended free trial will allow developers to try out the Windows Azure platform without the need for up-front investment costs.


The Windows Azure Platform is a cloud platform service offered by Microsoft that enables developers to deploy applications and data into the cloud. The platform consists of various on-demand services hosted in Microsoft data centers such as scalable compute and storage facilities, a cloud-based, scale-out version of SQL Server and an assortment of services supporting applications both in the cloud and on premise.

The Extra Small Compute Instance offers the equivalent of a 1GHz processor with 768MB of working memory, which normally costs $.05 an hour. The Small Compute Instance has a 1.6GHz processor, 1.75GB of working memory, and typically costs $0.12 an hour.

Trial users also get 500MB of storage, 500MB of storage transfers in and out and 10,000 storage transaction. They also get 100,000 AppFabric access control transactions across two connections, and 1GB of storage on a Web Edition SQL Azure database for 90 days.

The offer is available until June 30, 2011. For details and signup visit the offers page.

[via MSDN via PC World]

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