World Cup Cricket 2011 Tracker For Your Blog

The World Cup Cricket 2011 which is being jointly hosted by India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, is currently underway. If you are from one of the 14 participating nations or from just about anywhere on earth and follow cricket, you must be keeping track of the tournament through website updates and the news. Here is another way to keep abreast without going anywhere – right from your own blog, assuming you do have a blog.

Zoho has prepared a spreadsheet on their own Zoho Sheet service that gives you a full view of the tournament. You can see the schedule, teams, group standings, statistics and of course, the outcome of each match. The sheet is maintained and updated (on time, hopefully) by the Zoho team.

Now, I was talking about putting a tracker on your blog. You can do that by embedding the following code in your blog or website.

<iframe src=’’ frameborder=’0′ style=’height:511px;width:432px’ marginwidth=’0′ marginheight=’0′ scrolling=’auto’> </iframe>

It shows the Group standings.

To view which countries are playing today, put this code in your blog.

<iframe src=’′ frameborder=’0′ style=’height:102px;width:288px’ scrolling=’auto’ marginwidth=’0′ marginheight=’0′>&nbsp;</iframe>

The result:

The Zoho sheet that I pointed to earlier can also be embedded in its entirety. To do that, open the sheet, click on the “Embed in Website/Blog” link at the top and get the embedding code. The page is bulky, yes, but you get the whole thing.

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