Add or Remove Items From My Computer

Computer Customizer is freeware Windows program written by a precocious 13 year old that allows you to customize the links that appear on My Computer window on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

The Computer panel in Windows by default lists only the connected hard drives and removable drives such as optical drives and USB flash drives. Computer Customizer lets you take advantage of the wasted white space on this window by adding more than 35 different shortcuts to various Windows tools and inner settings.

Computer Customizer

Simply check the box next to the item and click on the “Apply Changes” button. Open or refresh My Computer window to see the changes. No restart is necessary. To remove an item, uncheck the box and click on the “Apply Changes” button again.

Computer Customizer2

These are the items that can be added to My Computer.

Internet Explorer, Action Center, Display, Fonts, System, Autoplay, Default Location, Administrators Tools, Desktop Gadgets, Windows Update, Language Selector, Folder Options, Control Panel, Notification Area Icons, Printers, Taskbar and Start Menu, Recycle Bin, Network and Sharing Center, Computer Management, Network Connections, User Accounts, Windows Mobility Center, Speech Recognition, Sound, Windows Firewall, Parental Controls, Power Options, Backup and Restore, Color Management, Troubleshooting, Internet Options, Programs and Features, Device Manager, Keyboard, Mouse and Homegroup.

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