BitNami: Automated Installers For WordPress, Blogs, Forums And Other CMS

BitNami is an open source project that provides free, automated multiplatform installers for popular open source web application such as blogs, forums and wikis. BitNami installers are available in self-contained packages called Stacks that include all of the software necessary to run the application out of the box. These may be Apache, PHP, MySQL and other dependencies. BitNami Stacks installs with just a few clicks and, if you do not like it, all you need to do is uninstall and it will be gone just as easily.

BitNami Stacks can be deployed as traditional Native Installers, Virtual Machine Images or Cloud Images. Native installers are single file executable that can be downloaded to your Windows, Linux or Mac OSX machine in order to install web applications locally. What makes BitNami Stacks fantastic is that it handles everything from setting up of Apache, configuring databases and installation of the web application.


BitNami Virtual Machine Images are pre-configured and include a minimal installation of Linux and a BitNami Stack. These are like running a Virtual Private Server, but locally. BitNami Virtual Machine Images available for VMWare and the latest version of VirtualBox.

BitNami Cloud Images allow you to install a BitNami Stack directly in the cloud. This is currently available only for Amazon EC2, with planned support for additional cloud environments. BitNami also offers their own cloud hosting solution which is nothing but a simplified frontend to Amazon EC2. BitNami Cloud Hosting also provides automatic backups, 1 click server restores, basic monitoring and other features, such as enabling you to manage applications for several clients from one interface.

BitNami currently supports Alfresco, Apache Roller, Coppermine Photo Gallery, DokuWiki, Drupal, Enano CMS, eZ Publish, JasperServer, Joomla, KnowledgeTree, Liferay, Mantis Bug Tracker, MediaWiki, Moodle, Opina, phpBB, Redmine, RubyStack, Subversion, SugarCRM, Trac, Tracks, and WordPress.

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