Condom USB Protects PCs From Infected Flash Drives

Condoms have protected men, and women alike, from infectious diseases by significantly reducing the chances of catching nasty viruses. But if the vision of one Ko Yang can be realized, condoms would protect our computers from infected USB Flash drives too.

The digital Condom USB is an extra peripheral device that needs to be “put on” into a USB drive before plugging into the port on a computer. As soon as the Condom USB detects a virus, the built-in software shuts off USB access, verifies the problem, and removes the nasty bug. It will then reopen access to your computer once the problem is taken care of.



Classy! But would it really work? Doesn’t the anti-virus software in your computer already do that – automatically scan files when you read from the flash drive and prevents file copy/access when a virus is detected?

Actually, such USB drives with anti-virus capabilities built-in are already available in the market. LG’s Vaccine USB is one. And you can always load your own USB antivirus program into the flash drive, such as Panda USB Vaccine or Avast U3. Nevertheless, the Condom USB sounds cool.

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