Customize Firefox 4 Appearance With Stratiform

Stratiform is an extension for Firefox 4 that allows you to customize the appearance of different elements of the browser such as toolbar, icons, input boxes and buttons. Stratiform is not the kind of customization tool that lets you add or remove things from Firefox UI, but one that lets you skin the browser.

Stratiform’s options are grouped into four areas – Toolbar, Tab Bar, Add-on Bar and App Menu Button. Under Toolbar customization options you can change the toolbar buttons, text boxes, add color, and change border radius.


Similarly, you can change the appearance of tabs, color and tab width and height.

The App Menu button, which is orange by default and reads ‘Firefox’, can be changed to your liking. You can change the color and the text on the Menu button.


Stratiform’s skinning abilities are a bit limited, as of now. For example, there are only two skins for tabs and only one for the add-on bar. But the coloring options compensates for the lack of styling ones.

The good thing about Stratiform is that the changes can range from the subtle, that is noticeable only to the keen eye, to the blatant, allowing you to add a personal touch to the browser.

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