Customize Windows 7 File Copy Dialog Box Animation

Whenever you copy, delete or move a file or folder in Windows 7, the progress dialog box shows an animation. It is possible to change the colors of the animation or altogether turn it off.

To change the background colors in the animation, download the free Copy Delete Animation Modder and start the program.

The background contains a gradient of three colors – one on the extreme left, one at the middle and finally one on the extreme right. Using the three color picker tool on Copy Delete Animation Modder, you can apply three different colors to the dialog box animation.


Just pick a color and the tool will immediately show a preview. The change is not written until you click the “Modify animation” button. So don’t be afraid to try out whacky colors. You can also change the font colors if you like.

To revert any changes that you made, click on the Restore button and the default colors are back.

To turn off the animation, you don’t need any tool – that function is provided right there into Windows.

Right-click on My Computer icon on Desktop and select Properties. Click on Advanced system settings link in left side pane. Now click on Settings button in Performance section.


In the next window, uncheck the box "Animate controls and elements inside windows". That should turn off the animation.


Do note, that it is possible to have a background color gradient without the animation. So you can still use Copy Delete Animation Modder to customize the colors even if you have animation turned off.

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