Group or Organize Windows 7 Taskbar Icons With Bins

Remember Fences? It was a program that allowed users to group icons on their desktop by putting a “fence” around them. It was unique and I loved it. The developers of Fences are now working on a new program that can group icons in the taskbar – the other place on your desktop that tends to get cluttered with use.

Bins is a taskbar organizer that let you organize program icons on your taskbar into groups. These may be icons of programs pinned to your taskbar or icons of programs currently active or running on your computer. To group icons, one simply drags one taskbar icon on to another, waits for a popup to appear and drops the icon into the popup. To remove an icon, simply drag it out or right-click on it and choose the unpin option.


The icons are shrunken in size and a small “nub” appears on the top of the group to indicate the presence of a Bin. It is possible to place any number of icons into one Bin but only four icons remain visible in the taskbar.

If you have AeroPeek enabled, you will notice that popup from the Bin and the one from AeroPeek overlap when the mouse is hovered above a Bin. This can be fixed by moving the AeroPeek popup above the Bins’ popup by selecting this option from the program’s settings.


Currently Bins has issues with JumpLists. So if you use jumplist of a program, it is recommended not to place that program icon in a Bin. If you use the classic taskbar with full labels displayed, you can still access your Bins by mousing over the taskbar button but the bin-indiciator "nubs" will be unavailable.

At present, Bins is in private beta. Users who would like to test it can request an invite at Bins’ website.

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