Official Grooveshark Desktop Client

There aren’t many true desktop clients for the music streaming service Grooveshark. Unfortunately, the official Grooveshark desktop program isn’t any better. It is just a desktop version of the Grooveshark website. Everything that you can do on the Grooveshark website, you can do on the Grooveshark Desktop Client through the same layout – nothing more, nothing less.

You can login to your account, access your playlists, favorites and upload music. You can search for music, listen to radio station, view the currently popular tracks on Grooveshark and so on. It is just like using the website. The only advantage of using the desktop client is that you don’t have to open Grooveshark in your browser.

The Grooveshark Desktop Client runs on Adobe AIR. Download from here (direct download link).


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    THAT'S what an .air file runs in!

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