Rapportive Puts Contact Info of Sender in Gmail Sidebar

Rapportive is a new browser plugin for Firefox, Chrome and Safari that replaces the ads in your Gmail inbox with a short biography of your sender including photos and links to social networking profiles such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Profile and Picasa. Rapportive also adds a minimalist notes area directly under the social profiles where you can type any notes for the user.


Beyond installing the browser plugin, there is little to be done. Simply open any email in your inbox and Rapportive goes to work immediately. The plugin works by cross referencing publicly available information about the sender on social networking sites, retrieves the data and build a short profile about the person. This helps you get a much better overview of who’s sending you emails.

You can also link your Twitter and Facebook account to get richer profile information, add Facebook contacts, see their Facebook posts, photos and can leave comments or ‘Like’ them.

[via The Next Web]

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