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Real-Time Map of Japanese Radiation Levels, Wind Patterns And Tokyo Blackouts

The Fukushima Power Plant located in the Futuba District of Japan has sustained severe damage in the March 11 earthquake and radiation levels are rising in and around the plant following a number of explosions at the reactor units. It has been reported that radioactive steam might have escaped from the containment unit of a second reactor at the Fukushima plant forcing emergency workers to halt their efforts at keeping water on the reactors' overheated cores.

At TargetMaps you can see a real-time visual summary of radiation levels by Japanese prefecture.


Officials stressed that current radiation levels are only dangerous in and around the plant itself. The level of radiation detected 12 miles from the plant was 0.33 millisieverts per hour, as on March 16. That's the rough equivalent of three chest X-rays an hour.

An area within 12 mile radius from the stricken nuclear plant has been evacuated and people living within 12 to 20 miles has been asked to stay indoors.

Daily life in Japan, even in cities well outside the the quake zone, is increasingly disrupted by frequent blackouts. A real-time update of these blackouts is being provided by Google Japan.


Another real time map of wind pattern in Japan can be found at Weather Reports. The direction of wind flow is vital as it indicates the direction in the which leaked radiation is moving. From the map it looks like it is moving out to the open sea, which is good I suppose, unless you are worried about marine life.


[via ZeroHedge]

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  1. The planet is paying a hell of a price for japan having cheap energy source. If we were living in old testament times, the wind should blow so as to keep all the fumes in the land who created it. Sort-sighted people who make fumes should eat them - they should not cheer when winds blow their fumes to innocent oceans and lands far away. Bad Karma Japan.

  2. This is Japans fault. They shouldn't allow nuclear power, it is very dangerous. Also, notice how the wind is blowing directly towards the United States. I hope it does not reach California or I will be super pissed off.

  3. Yep. You guys are dumb. If you are from a developed country, then your country also uses nuclear power. Without it, your current lifestyle would be impossible. Please be educated. Dangerous levels of radiation will not reach America or any other countries. The area of danger now is 12 miles (20km). Don't use this natural disaster as an excuse for your racism.

  4. The US has destroyed more lives than any country on the planet with nuclear activities. Do your research fools and stop casting blame on Japan. Japan is the reason you have your precious Playstation you're probably playing right now. After this is over you can lobby to have nuclear power removed from the planet. I doubt u will though.

  5. The Reactors that are having the issues right now were Designed (poorly) and built by General Electric (an American company) as are so many built within the United States. It could just as easily have happened within your own borders and affected the innocent oceans and other countries so get off your high horses and stop blaming the Japanese for trusting an American company to build something safe for them with a volatile and dangerous energy source that America exported to Japan and all over the world.

    America has several times more nuclear power plants operating at this very moment that are just as old and just as dangerous.

    America is also the country whose government and military leaders have deemed it necessary to use depleted uranium in their ill-advised aggressive military campaigns on other nations soil causing irreparable harm to innocents as well as their own soldiers.

    And how much radiation was released purposely during the nuclear testing America so brazenly did to one up the Soviets during the cold war? And there were these two Cities here in Japan that were completely destroyed by this very same technology which they as a nation have completely forgiven America for, so why after having to face an enormous natural disaster of this magnitude would you offer such harsh and insensitive commentary to people already suffering so much?

    The commentator above is right in his/her judgment that it appears you are using your ignorance to justify your racism. Not a person in Japan would offer your kind of baseless rhetoric, instead they would offer you their complete compassion and support should the situation be in the reverse.

  6. In other words, everyone is burning up and are not being told

  7. go to you tube and type in TSAR biggest atom bomb ever and think about how much it released

  8. Hey i found something real interesting, in 1987 Bernard Eastlund received a patent number 4,686,605 which is depicting a method for altering a selected region of the earths surface from a great distance using a transmitter. has anyone else heard of this.

  9. Bottom line, don't blast radiation with tests and history has proven that things made by man often fail. No one should ever build a reactor, let alone six, on the shores of a major fault!

  10. Using radioactive sources to bring water to a boil is just too dangerous, no matter where and by no matter whom. I would very much like to see all that brain power put to use to improve solar collection and other sources of clean energy.

    BLAME? I blame those would wish to insure that power sources can be "private" and can be assured to generate profit for a private corporation for the foolish insistence upon both fossil fuel AND nuclear power plants.

  11. I'm deeply saddened over the Fukushima incident and terrified after learned about Chernobyl disaster. What about those unreported tiny nuclear incidents throughout the world? There are many cover-ups by the reactor operators themselves. All the mishaps does contribute to the damage of the Eco-system on incremental basis. Now, we know of why there are simply more and more people are suffering from cancer all around the globe.

    Checkout the world population at

    we, human race are fighting for resources and energy shortage happens as the result, more and more countries are opt for nuclear energy as an easy solution. The problem, the lack of population control by the countries of the world and the even more and more animals are extinct now compared to 50-100 years ago. Human are out-numbered the animal kingdom. Well, the irony is, the animals doesn't need electricity at all. The solution is population control and learn to share the earth with other living beings (animals as well) and plants to balance the Eco-system. Brainstorm new ways to salvage the power of the sun and improve solar energy, we need extensive R&D in solar technology. I imagined a future of solar energy some 20 years ago during my school days and thinking driving an electric car. However, the dream did not come true as yet, how sad to see the business communities are not willing to invest much on solar energy research and technologies. I had bought a solar radio receiver back in the year 1993 and enjoyed using it back then till it got broke, It was a cool gadget for me back then some 18 years ago, it store the solar energy for couple of hours listening till the next free recharge by simple leaving it in bright area. The sad thing is, I'm not able to find a similar device easily nowadays. Business community only focus on short term gain and has no vision for a safer future of the next generation and the earth itself. The conclusion, man is too selfish to think of a better future till something bad happens and quickly forgets of the lesson learned from the past disaster and instead acts based on greed.

    Lets heal the world and make it a better place for now and future.

  12. It's funny looking at all the sheep run around panicking :) The amount of radiation getting out of that place is really peanuts (actually, more like bananas)

    Seriously people, read a book, then look at your arm. You are designed to survive in a radioactive environment. It's called the Earth. I'm very sorry you've only just realised this and it's causing you such distress!

    If you are worried about ingesting or breathing in material that causes cellular damage, then don't eat sugar and don't breath oxygen, and God help you if you eat a banana or a brazil nut.

    I'll just lie here, *knowing* *exactly* how much danger there isn't, and you can just keep guessing and whimpering. It's fine by me. It's funnier this way :)

  13. Amazing the criticisms being heaped from both sides. Hyperbolic, inaccurate and just plain wrong. The fact that the plants withstood a NINE earthquake and have caused limited damage to the surrounding area, is an amazing advert for nuclear engineering. People bleat about the dangers but I wonder how many would have the discipline to live in a world were they had to conserve rather than consume. The radiation levels are negligible in most areas outside the evac-zone. But without this bovine stampede what would be do with ourselves? Come together constructively as a people to help remedy the huge problem that faces the North of Japan? Perish the thought.

  14. theres a 75mile exclusion zone around this plant what you mean minimal? 127 times the normal radioactive iodine in the ocean and you call it minimal? there are maths to work out the danger and it is proven that if you give one person enough radiation to get cancer and die.. then get the same amount of radiation and spread it over 1 million people then still one person will get cancer and die. so when spent rods are spat all over the place and are burning with not just uranium but plutonium dust emitting in the air and the ocean it can be worked out with math how many will get cancer and die. at least Chernobyl was only uranium. no one knows how bad this could be as it has never happened before with a mox reactor using plutonium there is enough fuel to get to a critical mass!!!! so that will be fun if they dont get it under control.

  15. It is troubling that we can not trust what the Japanese government says but we can now at least predict it. They will first say things are fine. Then they will say that there is a slight problem. Then they will say the problem is a little bigger. Than they will say that the problem was bigger than they thought. Then we will find out that they knew the gravity of the situation in time to notify their own people, other countries that could have helped and the world. But they will remain "stoic" and "polite". Spare me! Give use the anger and action orientation of the West any day of the week because the West would never sit around and let this go on and on without action. Yes, officials were slow to act at 3 mile island and obviously in Chenyobl but we are talking about hours not weeks. The politeness of the Japenese will end up killing millions. Give us anger, action and straight information. Lets all bow later!

  16. "We cannot leave this alone and we must take care of it as quickly as possible," said the official, Hidehiko Nishiyama.

    Ya think???????

  17. Why the bashing of the American made plant. It withstood the earthquake just fine. In fact most of Japan withstood the earthquake just fine, it was built with that in mind. What nothing can withstand is the water. It's the electricity being out that is causing the reactors to blow, or potentially blow, not the craftsmanship of the buildings. To those saying the radiation is contained you couldn't be farther from the truth. Just check youtube on the spread of radiation from this incident. It has indeed hit America, it's actually covered the western states, the middle states as well. Parts of Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, and parts of Russia. To those out there that think this is about racism, you are very short sighted people. If someone says something against the U.S. or England it's ok, but if someone speaks about another culture it's racist. Please take your racist crap and go home. You're above annoying. But I do agree with the guy who "thinks it funny". We are surrounded by radiation everyday, we can take a lot of it, but just like anything..too much will eventually take you down. No matter how small of an amount it is to begin with.

  18. Japan's newest export to the world: RADIATION

    If this were to happen in any other country, the international community would demand drastic action to "kill" the nuclear plant. Japan is using up its Hiroshima and Nagasaki A-Bomb credits as its pollutes the whole world with deadly radiation. The arrogance of Tokyo Electric and Japanese government officials, coupled with typical Japanese "group think" is delaying the inevitable decision of undertaking immediate action.
    But these are just the symptoms. The root cause goes to building a nuclear plant with only one back up power source in a tsunami prone area. Even the least technologically developed airplane has more safety systems.
    The results of exposure to high levels of radiation do not emerge immediately, but in 5-10-20 years in the form of various cancers. THE JAPANESE GOVERNMENT AND TOKYO ELECTRIC ARE KILLING JAPANESE BABIES, CHILDREN AND THE OLD AS WELL AS ENDANGERING THE LIVES OF THE WHOLE GLOBAL POPULATION. SHAME ON YOU!!! Maybe the United Nations should be called in with a coalition force similar to the one in Libya to stop the killing of innocent civilians.

  19. 3 chest X-rays an hour and they claim it's safe to live there?

  20. I just want to say, I live in Japan. First of all, I agree with all of you in the fact that there`s no excuse for what Tokyo Electric has allowed to pass as "safe energy." We Japanese are VERY angry about this. But I do want to point out two things:

    1. While the Japanese government is (as usual) trying to downplay the situation in order to avoid a panic, the Western media is, (also as usual), way overexagerating. If you look at reports of actual radiation levels, (as in the maps so kindly provided by the creator of this website) the radiation is effecting a relatively small area. I live in Mie Prefecture on Southern Honshu island (the same island as the disaster but 350 miles south) and our radiation levels haven`t gone up a lick. Even with the wind, if our radiation levels haven`t gone up, you can rest assured that the U.S.`s won`t either.

    2.) This is purely the fault of Tokyo Electric and greedy politicians. The Japanese people have nothing to do with it. (I certainly didn`t vote for it!) So wishing that the polution would collect on the people and not blow out to sea, killing innocent people (many of them who helped when the U.S. was hit by various hurricanes, by the way), in some "wrath of God" is not a very loving, Christian, or whatever religion you are thing to say. I myself believe that God is weeping for Japan right now.

    3.) The U.S. has nuclear reactors too, some in California which is also on a fault line! God forbid it, but the same thing could happen to you guys. Let this be a warning to you! Petition your president! Get rid of your reactors before it`s too late! Let`s not repeat this terrible disaster...

    In conclusion, I think instead of sitting over there in your safety pointing fingers at dying, suffering people, you should do something to help the problem. Donate to the Red Cross, sign petitions to end nuclear power, offer to host refugees on couchsurfing (, and most importantly, pray for Japan. I want to say thank you to the United States for Operation Friendship and other measures that your government is taking to help my country. But please don`t let your government do all the work! You too can help! Don`t sit there and complain how we`re "all one world" unless you`re willing to act like it and take up the responsibility that entails!

    Thank you.

  21. the ocean is screwed, it was already screwed, but this is some icing,

  22. they cant do jack to fix this, they lie about oh yea, itll be ok ina few months, they cant even get near the frickin thing, spraying sea water from as far away as possible, all that #$@%$ is draining where ever the @!%#$ is wants to, mainly through the basement and lower floors of the complex, which all have storm drainage and weeping layers, ( lol at oo there is a crack, got it fixed no problem, WTF !!!!! who cares about a fricken crack? are you serious?> the whole fricking building is blown the @##$ up with your spraying water draining all over.

  23. I'm sure that nobody here really wants to wish ill will to the Japanese people, its a tsunami that damaged their nuclear facility. We here in the Philippines pray for the Japanese in their hour of tragedy. We hope that you will find strength from God to overcome these trials.

    But let this be a warning to us all and that is to be vigilant on what our govt. is doing with their existing nuclear plants that are operating. To stop them if there is a possibility that they can be damaged by natural calamities and even by terrorist etc.

    And to instead focus more on developing natural source of energy like solar, wind, hydro and even geothermal plants. Lets always First consider SAFETY ABOVE ALL for the BENEFIT OF ALL MANKIND including our PLANET!!!!!

  24. Japan should take a responsibility for any damage to other country and people and copensate for even invisible loss in the future. Additionally they should not drain out any contaminated sea water by radioactive materials anymore. They should find out the way to resolve this disaster within their country without any damage to the earth anymore. Japan should apologize for this historical accident to the world from the bottom of ther heart and compensate for even mental disturbance also.

  25. The fact is that nuclear power is a safe and effective way to generate power if the reactors are designed correctly (which they weren't), if all applicable safeguards are followed (which they weren't), and if all of the available technology is used instead of cutting corners to maximize energy output at the lowest cost (which I don't believe any country other than France is currently doing). Japan did not build their reactors with safety as their main concern, and as terrible as it is they are now paying the price. Don't condemn the technology just because it was used irresponsibly.

    For the record, this isn't a hate Japan rant. The Japanese are a wonderful people who have suffered a terrible tragedy. It just frustrates me to see people reject a technology that could help humanity and the earth itself if it was just used correctly.

  26. safe & effective way? UPDATE: 300% increase in radiation levels in cows milk. Beef you do the math. Cows eat grass; so let;s expand this to lettuce and all produce. Get ready for markets to raise their prices on protected crops OR get the super cheap radioactive 300 foods. Don't forget chicken & fish. - My question is where is this wind current not going to?

  27. You guys are a bunch of hysterical racist haters. What is your problem ? America like every other people have done both good and bad. I am American and I could spend all day point out Japans problems and issues they caused. I could also do the same with what. Do the best we can,with good intentions.

  28. Hello, Earthlings.

    If this cannot be a wakeup call for all,
    you have no hope.

    If you can only act on clear and present danger,
    you have no hope.

    Hope you guys don't die out.

  29. so amusing to read the old comments from nuclear power-lovers. radiation cant travel more than 12 miles and all that. do they hide under a rock now? or figure out NEW propaganda to spew? Good they can pick themselves up from their bootstraps --- doesn't seem to phase them when they're talking out their ass, power on!

  30. To Japan people:

    I'm capable of removing radiation from human body using my owm bioenergy. I can come to Japan for several month. I can heal 10 people per day. Spread this message for those You love.
    email: [email protected]

  31. It's highlighted the fact that all you need to do to cause the same nuclear accident in any reactor is to:- fly a plane into the reactor building, put a bomb in the backup generators and cut power to the substation!
    The way that America is pissing off extremist countries, this could happen!

    It wasn't the earthquake, it was water damage from the Tsunami.


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