Sumatra Releases PDF Plugin For Firefox, Chrome, Opera

Sumatra PDF Reader’s sole developer Krzysztof Kowalczyk has announced the release of a new version of the light-weight PDF reader for Windows. The new edition contains some minor updates to the software and a major one – the inclusion of a browser plugin to view PDF files within Firefox, Opera and Chrome.

Google Chrome, as you might be aware, ditched Adobe Reader plug-in last year in favor of Foxit PDF Reader plugin. The plugin is bundled with the Chrome installer thereby providing native support to PDF files within Chrome. When users click on a PDF link, the file opens inside the browser like a normal webpage.


Firefox using Sumatra PDF Reader plugin

Opera and Chrome users who wish to open PDF files inside the browser had to rely either on the vulnerability ridden Adobe PDF Reader plugin or use a cloud service like Google Docs or Zoho Viewer. By opting for the Sumatra PDF Reader browser plugin instead, users can now avoid the gaping security holes of the Adobe Reader plugin.

The Sumatra PDF Reader browser plugin also brings a better PDF viewer to your browser than the default Chrome one. The Chrome PDF viewer is very basic that lacks many useful features like pagination and bookmarks. These features and more such as magnifier, search and page-fit options are present in the Sumatra PDF Reader plugin.


The plugin is a part of Sumatra PDF Reader and not available as a separate download. Interested users can download Sumatra PDF Reader from the website and during installation select the plugin option by clicking on the Options button.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    I just installed it (8.1) and it gave me ZERO options.
    It just ran as a straight install.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    There is an option button on the left lower corner, you have to click it!

  3. Anonymous Reply

    My installer has no second option; only the first and last.

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