URL Hunter: A Game Played Inside the Address Bar

For Google, the address bar in a browser may be a vestige leftover from legacy user-interface design, but for most of the rest, the URL bar means a lot. Ask @probablycorey of San Francisco. ProbablyCorey has designed a game called URL Hunter! that can be played entirely inside the browser’s address bar. That’s right.

Head over to the game page and use the Left and Right arrow keys of your keyboard to move the “O” and use the spacebar to gobble up the “a”s. The game runs for just 30 seconds during which you have to hunt as many “a”s as you can. The game is so simple yet so addicting that you will typically end up playing multiple times trying to better your own score.


But beware, the game will completely screw up your browser’s history and the Back button.


So if browser history is important to you, just fire up another browser – one that is not your primary browser – and use that instead. On the plus side, deleting browser history has never been so fun.

If you like this, checkout DEFENDER of the favicon – an implementation of the game Defender inside the 16×16 favicon of the website.

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    cool find…

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