View Facebook Photos in Windows Media Center With Photato

Windows Media Center with its 10-foot interface is an awesome replacement for the living room TV. Not only can it play movies on your hard drive and on DVDs, it also plays YouTube videos, bring latest movie trailers, TV shows and even stream Hulu and Netflix movies. Did someone say Facebook? Yup, that’s possible too.

The plug-in that brings Facebook to Windows Media Center is Photato. You can’t access your Facebook wall or post status messages but you can view your Facebook album photos, your tagged photos, photos uploaded and tagged by your friends and your friends themselves.


After you have installed and granted Photato access to your Facebook account, the plugin will proceed to download your albums on Facebook. Now this can take some time, a long time in fact, depending on how many photos you have in your account. Waiting can be a big problem here, but you once completed, it becomes easy to browse through the photos and run slideshows.


Photato is ideal for viewing photos together with your friends such as in parties and get-togethers that you may have.

Photato is free and designed to run with Microsoft Windows 7 and Vista Media Center.

[via IntoWindows]

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