Watch NASA TV in Windows Media Center

NASA TV often provides real-time coverage of agency activities and missions, such as the recent landing of Space Shuttle Discovery and live streams from International Space Station. NASA TV also provides resourceful videos to the news media, and educational programming to teachers.

NASA TV can be watched right in the browser by going to It is also available on many free Internet television programs like LiveStation, reviewed previously. Yet another way to watch it is to download the ASX stream file and open it in any streaming video player such as VLC Media Player or Windows Media Player.


For those who use Windows Media Center for watching TV and movies, there is a plugin available – recently developed and written about at WindowsTeamBlog. The NASA TV plugin for Media Center creates a new entry under Extras library entitled NASA TV that lets you quickly watch the live feed. 

This is visually more pleasing than what you get by adding the ASX stream.

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  1. Diogo P. P. Reply

    well, i really want to watch nasa tv on the wmp. You know, that little window right down the desktop while i keep doing other things. No other player have that atribute.

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