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Windows 8 Gets “Restore to Original Factory Settings” Button

A new leaked screenshot, purported to be from Windows 8 Milestone 2 (M2), shows the System Restore options in the upcoming version of Windows with a new feature that will allow users to perform a clean reset of their system.

The image, which appeared on the Chinese website Win7China reveals the new “Restore to original factory settings” feature is likely to be introduced in Windows 8.


According to the description of the option - which sounds similar to the factory-rest button found in cell phones and routers - Windows 8 users will be able to “Remove all programs you’ve installed and restore default Windows settings. You can choose to keep user accounts and personal files.”

According to Softpedia, “sources close to Microsoft” said that the main advantage of a Windows 8 system reset will be the speed at which it will happen. The entire process is rumored to take only a few minutes at most, certainly outperforming a reinstall.

If the process works as intended, it could eliminate the need to reinstall Windows that users often resort to when something goes terribly wrong with the system.

Windows 8 will also offer the regular System Restore option that attempts to fix problems on your computer by restoring the state of the computer to an earlier point in time.


  1. I've often wished that this option existed. It may have help speed up so many "last resort" pc repairs (read format & reinstall) I've done for people. Not to mention all the times that programs have borked my own systems.


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