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Add Extra Functions To Any Text Editors With Dolphin Text Menu

Often when you are typing text on a text editor or drafting a mail in your email program or typing a reply or comment on a blog, you wish you had the option to do a word count, or change case, or strip HTML codes and generally make the draft a bit tidier.

Dolphin Text Menu is a clever little utility that adds all of the above functions and many more to any Windows application. Just press the hotkey to bring up Dolphin Text Menu and perform any operation on the selected text.


You can quickly append and prepend text and number to lines, sort text and numbers in ascending and descending order, remove leading or trailing characters, delete blank lines, remove leading and trailing spaces, change case to upper or lower, remove HTML or BBCode formatting and count the number of words in the selected text.

The nice thing is the program works every where. When the text is un-editable, for example, when you are on a webpage or on a PDF document, you can still bring up Dolphin Text Menu. Of course, you can’t edit the text but you can at least count the words.

Dolphin Text Menu is free and works on all Windows version.


  1. Very useful!

    But... i will not install it in my PC.
    reason: it uses .NET.

    I have UNinstalled .NET from my PC, forever,
    last year.

    .NET was a pain to keep updated,
    and also an additional security concern
    and a source of Windows stability problems.

    Wish the author would develop a non-.NET version...

    Anyhow, for those of you with .NET,
    this is an excellent addition,
    and the author is very responsive.

  2. ref NET...Agree with prev. poster.

    Here's a serious NET threat,
    posted minutes ago.

    "Black Tuesday server patches causing problems"
    Security Bulletin MS11-028 – Critical – “Vulnerability in .NET Framework Could Allow Remote Code Execution (2484015)”

    Check it out...

  3. great utilty, puts moderately common tasks that i often do with more cumbersome means all into one place - but you can't clog up your computer too much (unfortunately us power users really can thrash our computers to the limit, even with the constant rise in ram and storage and processing power...) - so i won't be installing this one...


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